TechEd Europe 2014- Windows 10 Deployment


A session on deployment options for Windows 10 with Michael Niehaus from Microsoft.

Here’s my top 5 notes:

  1. New in Windows 10 is the end of the requirement for wipe and reload in the enterprise and introduces the possibility of doing a managed in-place upgrade in a corporate environment.
  2. There’s good compatibility between Windows 7/8 and Windows 10- if your hardware and apps run in Windows today you’ll probably be fine in Windows 10 (the noted exception was 64-bit Windows on a Pentium D, but that must be a decade old configuration).
  3. Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer 11 is allowing companies with IE8-specific apps to migrate to a modern browser.
  4. Three deployment  choices are offered- Wipe and Load, In Place Upgrade (mentioned in 1.) and finally Provisioning which transforms a Windows 10 device into an enterprise managed one- perfect for CYOD solutions and especially in the mobile device sphere.
  5. The Upgrade option, which can be provided through a simple task sequence driven option in SCCM Software Centre, also includes a rollback option- if something goes wrong then the previous OS will be restored.

Windows 10 Deployment Options.