Support Bundle taking up log file space on VCSA

The vCSA Log file disk was triggering a warning.


The log file disk was nearly full on a vCenter Server Appliance instance, showing a warning message in the vCenter console and the VAMI (Login to https://vCenterHostName:5480). After a bit of investigation (and I’d recommend looking at this article by Brandon Lee and Knowledge Base 2143565 ) I found an old Support Bundle was taking up 2GB of the log disk unnecessarily and tripping the alert threshold.


SSH into the VCSA using the username root (see KB2143565) and navigate to the folder


And look for files named *_vmsupport.tgz, check the timestamp on these files and remove any old ones that are no longer required.

Hopefully the warning should clear and the health status should return to green in the vSphere Appliance Management Interface