Online Tech Events- May 2021

The global pandemic of 2020 caused a lot of previously in-person events to go online. This means that even more events are now accessible to a global audience, and often at times that can fit around your work and home schedules. Here’s some upcoming tech events for May 2021.

There’s some big events on in May- Microsoft Build and Dell Technology World as examples that in other years would have people jetting off around the globe for a week of learning and networking. These are now available free of charge for online viewing. Much as I’d love to go there’s no way that my employer would be funding my travel from the UK to Canada for a VMware User Group, and I wouldn’t be raiding my piggy bank to pop to Norway to learn more PowerShell but I now have to chance to consider attending from home. These are not the same as the in-person events, but there is an opportunity to widen your horizons here that might not happen again if the “old-normal” comes back.

4th May

5th May

6th May

10th May

11th May

12th May

13th May

17th May

18th May

19th May

20th May

25th May

26th May