Using your Ignite Attendee benefits to extend your Office subscription

As a benefit for attending the online (and free!) Ignite conference this year, Microsoft have rewarded delegates with some discount prices on “select digital downloadable products” at the company store. Amongst the X-box games there’s also a great deal on the Office Family subscription.

I’m already a user of “Microsoft 365 Family” – paying £79.99 a year for an office subscription that I can share with 5 others, coupled with a 1TB OneDrive each. This Ignite deal is offering this package at $20, and it turns out I can stack these on the end of my subscription so instead of renewing in February 2021, I can put a code in now and extend it to 2022 for less than a quarter of the cost.

How to use the deal

  1. Open the email from Ignite, and register on the Digital Events Store

  2. Click on Subscriptions

  1. Choose the Microsoft 365 Family Subscription

  1. Pick a quantity (up to 6 per day, there is also a total limit you can spend on this offer) and add them to your cart

  1. On your first order the offer is even better- you get an additional $5 off!

  1. Go through the checkout and pay, and a few minutes later you’ll get a series of emails- one for each code

  1. Click on the links in the emails “Activate or Extend your Office Subscription” to add the code to your subscription.

  1. Go and use the package for a year (or more if you purchased multiple!).

So, if you attended Ignite I’d recommend checking your inbox if you’ve missed this offer.