Getting Started With....

Started in July 2024, this series covers the basics in getting started in various technologies and focuses on the very first steps needed to start learning about each one. Each article is roughly a five minute read with an introduction to the topic and a step-by-step guide to your first experiences with the technology in question.

All of the technologies covered are subjects that I have found useful in my IT career. Some of them will be an obvious tool in the IT Professional’s toolbox, but perhaps some others will be often overlooked.

I hope these are useful as a quick and basic introduction to a variety of subjects, each with some pointers on where to go next. As with the rest of the site, all the information and examples here are offered free of charge, but if you’d like to support the site directly you can do so through Any donations help me keep the site and tools online, learn new stuff, and build new content and tools for the community.