TechEd Europe 2014- SQL Server Management

DBI-B220 - Introduction to SQL Server Management for the Non-DBA

A very interesting and entertaining session to round off Tuesday. This covered the things IT Pros need to do when they need to run SQL Server- backups, restores, checking for corruption, and more.

Here are my 5 key points from the session. This was definitely one of those sessions which I could have listed many more from!

  1. Keep the number of TempDB files down. 8 is a good number, and set growth to 1GB increments
  2. Corruption Will Happen. Check for it. Deal with it.
  3. Backup regularly. Try a daily full backup and transactional backups every 10-15 minutes for starters.
  4. Good Indexing can speed up your queries. Too much slows down your iNSERT/UPDATE/DELETE tasks
  5. Keep your statistics up to date

DBI-B220 Talk at Tech-Ed Europe 2014.