5 Sessions to look out for at VMware Explore

The Content Catalogue for VMware Explore (formerly VMworld) is now live. Here’s my pick of 5 sessions from the VMware Explore Europe Content Catalogue you don’t want to miss.

The Multi-Cloud Universe: Bold Innovations and Insights to Accelerate Your Business [GEN2906EUR]

The General Sessions, the main Keynotes of the events, are always worth a watch. Whilst you’re not likely to get into the technical details of the VMware products you’ve come to learn about they are important in setting the stage for the week and always cover a wide range of topics. I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I had on the VMware show floor with other delegates that went along the lines of “did you see that in the Keynote” followed by “there’s a session on it later I’m going to for more info”, or “there’s a demo of that at the booth later”, or even “let’s go and chat with the people who built it”.

vSphere+ and vSAN+ – The Evolution of the VMware Multi-Cloud Workload Platform [CMK2208EUR]

The main General Session is followed up by a number of Solution Keynotes. These all dive a bit further into the specific technologies, and the ones that fit your own area of work are worth attending for the same reason as the General Session.

Last week VMware announced vSphere+ and vSAN+ (formerly known as Project Arctic). Based around a new cloud console these new product lines bridge from your on-premises environment into the public cloud whilst switching your payments to an OpEx based subscription model which aligns better with modern cloud operations. This Solution Keynote looks into this evolution of vSphere and how that fits into the customer cloud journey.

Fully Automated East-West Firewall in VCF4 using Platform Inherent Toolings [SECB2115EUR]

At first glance there seems to be a bigger focus in the Content Catalogue on customer stories and real world applications of the product range this year, and this session is a good example. “In this session Austrian IT service provider Raiffeisen Informatik & VMware will demonstrate how a custom engagement of VMware CoE and the use of VCF inherent tooling allowed them to build a fully automated East-West firewalling solution”. Attending this session we’re going to see an actual example of where a financial customer has implemented micro-segmentation and zero-trust at scale in a large brown-field environment.

This session is down in the VMware {Code} Theatre, rather than the main breakout rooms. Based on past experience I’d recommend checking out this theatre and the VMTN tech talks as there’s usually a lot of detailed, technical presentations given by the engineers and users who are down in the weeds with this stuff. In this session we’ll be given a guide to building a PowerShell module and publishing it in the Powershell gallery so it can be shared with the wider community. Real to the point learning, where you can take that knowledge away and apply it instantly in your own projects.

Police Pursuits and Microsoft Azure: Surrey & Sussex Police Talk SD-WAN [NET1930EUR]

Whilst this is graded as a “Business 100” level talk, rather than a technical one, it will be covering an exciting and unusual use of the VMware Edge technologies, one that has many other potential applications in video streaming. This session is focussed on a project where one of the UK Police forces put VMware Edge devices into their cars, hooked up to body-worn cameras, to enable live streaming video from a fast moving vehicle.

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Registration opened June 28th for the European event, and May 3rd for the US leg. For all the details check out vmware.com