Travel Changes for #VMworld Europe 2016

For those that have previously been to VMworld (or other conferences) at the Fira Grand Via Barcelona venue there’s a few changes to transport this year. If you’ve walked round the conference centre from the “Europa Fira” metro station to the North entrance used by VMworld (and formerly TechEd Europe) in the past couple of years you’ll have spotted the closed entrance to the metro station ten minutes closer to the front door. Well good news- it’s now open!

The new metro station is served by an all new line that links the airport terminals to the conference venue- as shown in this tuneful video from TMB Barcelona.

So, what does this all mean for VMworld attendees?

Firstly, there are still Airport Bus Shuttles running on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday (see for times). But if you arrive/leave outside these times and want to travel between the airport and the conference venue, you can use this new “L9 Sud” metro line and an Airport ticket.

Secondly, the “Metro shuttles” that have run in previous years from the “Europa Fira” metro station round to the North entrance are not running this year- attendees are advised to use the L9 Sud metro line from “Europa Fira” to “Fira” instead (or you could take the 10 minute walk). Remember- this won’t cost extra on your metro ticket from the city centre because it will still count as the same journey

Finally, if you have a metro map of Barcelona from a previous trip, it’s worth downloading a new one.

The South Entrance at Fira Gran Via by the Europa Fira metro station. VMworld is at the other end.

On a nice day it’s a pleasant walk from the South entrance to the North one.

The North Entrance to Fira Gran Via in Barcelona