Clean Hard Drive

This is a Fujitsu Hard Disk which a user has tried to “clean” of any sensitive data by dipping it in hot soapy water

(no, seriously). Unfortunately it is likely that the data is still recoverable from this, and because the disk is wet we don’t want to do any kind of formatting which would involve connecting it to a computer.

Inside the soapy drive
Inside the soapy drive

The hard disk can be opened up by removing screws and gently prising off the lid (actually, there’s no need to be gentle when it’s all being thrown away). Once open we can see that the soapy water has actually made it inside, so all those Word documents will now be nice and shiny. Unfortunately this means they will also be nice and readable by any naughty people trying to steal our data.

The platter itself can be removed by undoing the screws around the central spindle. This one’s off for an appointment with a shredder.