My Office Desktop

Here’s a snapshot of my current office desktop:

My Desk

So, what’s on it?

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB – My main work machine. I’m a big fan of this-  I can use it like a desktop when I’m at my desk but then pick it up and go to a meeting room or datacentre and still have all my applications and data at my fingertips.
  • Targus USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Station - this provides wired LAN connectivity and the dual displays, converting the Surface (or any other USB3 enabled PC) into a desktop machine when I’m sat here.
  • Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration -this is just the right size for raising the Surface up :)
  • 1 Dell Professional P2312H 23 inch Monitor and 1 Dell Professional P2412H 24 inch Monitor complete with soundbars
  • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
  • 1 Can Diet Coke - Essential. Replacements under the desk.
  • McAfee Post-It notes -The brand isn’t particularly important, but they gave away the biggest stack at the trade show.
  • Moleskine notebook. Despite the stylus on the Surface and the improvements in tablet technology I’m yet to be weaned from dead tree and pen.
  • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - I liked this, and I’m looking forward to trying the Surface version when it’s released next year