Cohesity DMaaS arrives in Europe

On 9th June 2021 Cohesity launched it’s Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution for enterprise and mid-sized companies in Europe. This is their first step in a wider Data-Management-as-a-Service offering.


I’ve looked at Cohesity before on IT Should Just Work. Since their inception in 2013 they have developed an ever-growing reputation in the data protection sphere, last year hitting the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery and they boast a wide variety of customers of their data management products.

DMaaS - Data Management as a Service

Data Management as a Service is all about protecting, analysing, and controlling an organisations’ data. There is ever increasing need for IT to protect their customers against malware and ransomware, to provide the business with the tools to examine, investigate, and model with the data it owns, and to ensure that data meets any regulatory requirements imposed upon it. DMaaS solutions offer a toolset to do all this and more, delivered via an as-a-service model.

BaaS - Backup as a Service

Backup is the lynchpin of the protection of that data. Data Protect is Cohesity’s backup product, and is now being delivered in Europe as-a-service to enable IT to utilise a simplified model to both backup data and manage costs. In addition to protecting on-premises virtualisation, databases, and storage, Data Protect will also provide a backup for Amazon Web Services such as EC2 and RDS, and even Microsoft 365 environments. These disparate sources are all brought together under one interface with the Cohesity Helios platform.

Availability, reliability, and also data sovereignty are important requirements when talking about backup solutions and to help meet this Cohesity are hosting the Data Protect service on AWS infrastructure, with Frankfurt live on launch day and the London and Paris regions following later in 2021.

To show just how flexible a Backup-as-a-Service solution can be, Cohesity offer a free trial that can get your backups running in under 30 minutes. This just isn’t possible with a more traditional data-center based service, where even if installation is measured in minutes there’s still the delivery and access times associated with a physical device. These just aren’t an issue thanks to the flexibility of the public cloud. If you’re an existing customer, you can use this new service alongside your existing physical deployment- the same Helios platform controls both.

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

While DataProtect as a service is the first offering from Cohesity to fall under this DMaaS umbrella. Expect to see the SiteContinuity product also appearing via an as-a-service model shortly which enables automated disaster recovery. One big benefit of SiteContinuity is it’s ability to leverage the AWS Cloud offering to provide a disaster recovery site on demand. This takes away the requirement to run, manage, test, and pay for a second datacenter just in case a disaster occurs.

Further Information

In addition to my standard Declaration/Disclaimer please note that whilst this content was not provided by Cohesity this is a sponsored post.