Oracle Cloud partners with Commvault

Commvault and Oracle Partner to Deliver Metallic® Data Management as a Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Accelerate Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Adoption.


Back in 2019, Commvault launched Metallic, taking their long-standing experience of backup technology and creating a Data Management as a service (DMaaS) platform. This initial jump into the SaaS model provides customers with the ability to protect their data with a cloud-managed, subscription-funded solution. Until today this protected data on-premises and in the Azure and AWS public clouds.

On 29th June 2022, Metallic went a step further by extending their offering into the Oracle Cloud, supporting VMware virtual machines, Oracle databases, Kubernetes workloads, and bare-metal Oracle Cloud servers. In doing so, Metallic advertises itself as being the first DMaaS provider to protect the Azure, AWS, and Oracle clouds.

This makes a lot of sense, both Oracle and Commvault have a long history servicing enterprise IT on-premises, and this means there are lots of shared customers who are likely to see this as a low-risk solution over trying a new vendor. If there’s one place where your company IT wants to avoid risk it’s going to be their backup solution. This partnership, often started by using Commvault to backup Oracle databases, gives them a pool of over three thousand existing customers, even before looking at new companies looking to update their backup and data management infrastructure.

Simple and Secure

The big benefit of Anything-As-A-Service is always going to be it’s simplicity. IT Professionals and Businesses both want a technology that removes the complexity of their operations. We also want these systems to be secure, there’s no point protecting our data on-premises and then exposing it through our backups. In the backup world I’ve never met anyone from technician to IT manager who’s been overjoyed at the idea of working with tapes, or who hasn’t worried that some config in their system means data is going unprotected.

Using the SaaS model means you have less configuration to worry about. Shifting your backup to a second infrastructure can also help secure your data against ransomware and malware attacks, and Metallic enables this whilst keeping compliant with any data residency requirements.

The Metallic on OCI offering is promoting it’s simplicity, you can add it to your existing Oracle Cloud just by picking it up from the Marketplace. Once deployed the fabled “single pane of glass” will ease the management processes. The technology also simplifies and secures data mobility, allowing for migrations into Oracle Cloud by leveraging the backup technology.

Flexible and Scalable

A key feature of most cloud solutions is the scalability. If you need to protect more data, that’s no problem (as long as you pay for it!). Scaling is important in both directions though and as the size and protection requirements of your workloads may fluctuate, it’s important to be able to scale your backup and data management infrastructure down as well as up. Metallic offers the opportunity to reduce the infrastructure you manage whilst scaling your protection to meet your requirements both now and in the future.

All in this looks like an interesting offering, and the ability to have a single protection point for a multi-cloud environment is definitely worth investigating.

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In addition to my standard Declaration/Disclaimer please note that whilst this text was not provided by Commvault or Oracle this is a sponsored post.