Scheduled Tasks running every 15 minutes

In Windows XP, the Scheduled Tasks system only offers the choice of “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly”, “Once” or when the computer starts or the user logs on. It’s possible, however, to schedule tasks to occur much more frequently, for example every 15 minutes.

  1. Open the “Scheduled Tasks” folder in “Control Panel” and double click on the task in question to open it’s properties window.
  2. Change to the “Schedule” tab on the window.
  3. Set the “Schedule Task” dropdown to “Daily” and click on the Advanced button
  4. In the “Advanced Schedule Options” window tick the “Repeat task” checkbox.
  5. Enter the “Every” time as 15 minutes, and set the “Duration” time to 23 hours 46 minutes- this is telling the Scheduler to run the application every fifteen minutes for a day. When the next day starts the scheduler will start over as “Daily” was selected on the previous screen.
  6. Click OK on the Advanced Schedule Options window and then the task properties window
  7. The Scheduled Tasks window will now list this task with a start time every 15 minutes.