CloudCred- Gamification of VMware Learning

Recently I’ve been spending some time looking at CloudCredibility, a VMware website which provides some direction for learning about their ecosystem and technology.

Whilst studying for a specific certification it’s easy (easier?) to keep on track and pick off objectives, general technology learning is harder to keep in focus. This is where CloudCred comes in. It provides tasks which earn you badges and points, and points mean prizes- not just a PNG badge, but (if you stick at it) real world physical things as well like clothing, gadgets, and event tickets.

The tasks vary from “read this blog” to “complete this Hands-On Lab” right through to “get this qualification”, and generally the ones’ that will take more time will accrue you more points. There are categories, so if you want to learn about NSX for example you can work through the list relating to that particular product.

Personally, I’ve found this semi-directed learning to be quite useful. It’s a bit more structured that reading random blogs or watching the #vBrownBag or VMworld videos with the most hits, and the offer of a freebie always encourages me to not pick up the game controller and do just one more task instead. The chance to do team events (either with people you know or with the random team you are assigned to as a newbie) encourages this as well.

Did I mention it’s free?