vSphere: An error occurred during host configuration - fixed


Following an upgrade of vSphere Replication to 8.8 and then a subsequent upgrade of vCenter to 8.0U2, an install task was failing every 2 minutes on every host. The following error message was visible in the Tasks view in the vSphere Client:

1Task Name: Install
2Status:    An error occurred during host configuration /usr/bin/esxupdate returned with exit status: 7
3Initiator: com.vmware.vr-sa-......@vsphere.local

These messages were accompanied by the following entries in the /scratch/log/esxupdate.log file on each host

1esxupdate: ERROR: vmware.esximage.Downloader.DownloaderError:
2 ('https://<Replication.Appliance.FQDN>:8043/vib/vmware-hbr-agent.vib', '', 
3 'Proxy server <vCenter.Appliance.FQDN>:80 returned status 404')

ESXi hosts were on version 7.0 (about to be upgraded) and upgrading one to an 8.0U2 baseline did not stop these errors.


The following solution worked in my environment.

  1. Open the vSphere Replication Appliance Management interface- https://<vReplication.Appliance.FQDN>:5480 and login as admin
  2. Go to the Summary tab
  3. Click on Reconfigure and work through the wizard to reregister vCenter.

If this works the error messages should stop instantly in vCenter and Site Recovery should show no issues and no RPO violations on the dashboard.