Home Lab Upgrade to 6.0u2

VMware have released vSphere 6.0 Update 2 - this brings with it many new features, but amongst the most exciting for my home lab was the host-based web client. I no longer need to rely on the functionality of the traditional Windows application to manage my virtual environment. Here’s how I installed it:

  1. Download the Update file “ESXi Offline Bundle” update-from-esxi6.0-6.0_update02.zip from here.

  2. Extract the ZIP file and upload the resulting folder to a datastore on the Virtual Host.

Uploading a folder to a datastore.

  1. Shutdown any running VMs (I only have one host so vMotion is not an option) and put the host in Maintenance Mode.

Enter Maintenance Mode

  1. Open a PowerCLI session and connect to the host with Connect-VIServer
  2. Once connected to the host enter the following command, replacing the path to the uploaded folder as appropriate:
1Install-VMHostPatch -HostPath /vmfs/volumes/Datastore1/update-from-esxi6.0-6.0_update02/metadata.zip
  1. If the upgrade was successful it should report this and state that a reboot is now required. Reboot the host either from the GUI or with Restart-VMHost in the PowerCLI session.

Result of Successful Upgrade

  1. Once the host is restarted you can point your browser at the host and there is now an option to launch the new web-based Host Client.

Link to Open the VMware Host Client