The NSX Portfolio

There’s an ever growing variety of NSX flavours as VMware expands the range of their Network Virtualisation and security platforms. A recent podcast highlighted these to me, and I thought it worth summarising here in a quick post.

NSX DataCenter- This is the product that people have usually previously referred to as NSX (the NSX moniker now applying to the whole suite of products). This has two varieties: NSX-V which is the traditional Network Virtualisation for vSphere and NSX-T which is the Network Virtualisation product for multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud platforms. The current NSX-T version 2.2 itself has two options- the datacentre release for multi-hypervisor support (Ubuntu and Red Hat KVM platforms) or an offering with additional cloud support NSX-Cloud (currently for the Microsoft Azure platform).

NSX SD-Wan By VeloCloud is from the recent Velocloud aquisition by VMware providing, as the name suggests, software-defined Wide-Area-Network capabilities.

NSX Hybrid Connect was formerly known as HCX (Hybrid Cloud Extension) and was announced at VMWorld Europe 2017. This is the VMware platform for consolidating datacentres and moving workloads around- aiming for an “any platform to any platform” style of seamless vMotion.

For more info, check out the VMware Community Podcast episode #438 with Tim Davis (from about 9 minutes).