VMware Leading Change event

Leading Change: Accelerate Your App and Cloud Transformation

March/April 2021

I’ll be attending an online event next week hosted by VMware focussing on application and cloud transformation. The broadcast will be available in three times to fit with the global audience- The Americas on March 31st at 11AM PDT, and then APJ and EMEA at 1130AM SGT and 11AM CEST* respectively on April 1st. Registration is currently open and you can register for free.

*(10AM UK Time)

The agenda shows the continuing focus of VMware on cloud delivery and operations, and not just the “private cloud” of on-premises environments where the company made it’s name. There’s a real push around functionality to use VMware’s technology to deploy apps to any cloud, and then to support those applications even if they are hosted in a public cloud like AWS or Azure.

Cloud mobility will also be covered- developers and IT Operations need to manage the range of technologies in architectures when deploying applications to different cloud providers and VMware looks to make this a smoother journey. Once an application is migrated or modernised, it’s often even more challenging to relocate it to another provider should circumstances require it. VMware has form in this space having made the hypervisor the normal way of deploying on-premises, and can leverage that expertise to help provide a standard layer for Dev’s and Op’s teams to work on.

The event includes a stellar line-up of VMware bigwigs and after their presentations there is the opportunity to partake in labs, demos and technical sessions on the agenda. Register Here for this free event.