Locking Around The Christmas Tree


This week I presented a Festive Tech Calendar 2021 session about Azure Resource Manager Locks. This post includes a link to the session recording and some accompanying resources.


Azure Resource Manager Locks are a valuable tool in protecting those Resources Santa brought you from accidental deletion. In this video I’ll explain what these Locks are, how you can set them up, and how you can add some automation to make sure your resources are protected not only this festive season but also stop the Grinch from swiping them next December.

See this and many other sessions on the FestiveTechCalendar.com website and YouTube Channel.


The PowerShell snippets used in the session, along with a template to deploy the Storage Account environment, can be found on Github here: github.com

I have also put together an example lab exercise so you can work through creating, testing, and removing Azure Resource Locks: github.com

Useful URLs

Some more information on Azure Resource Locks

Thanks to the Festive Tech Calendar team for putting this event on again this year. Also, check out this Twitter list of the presenters from this years’ event.