ICYMI- A review of the year 2021

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights of this blog from the last year.

The top 5 visited pages on this site in the past year were

  1. Powered Off VM cannot be Powered On (2019)
  2. Checking Encryption Status of Remote Windows Computers (2017)
  3. Screen dims during Netflix playback on Xbox One (September 2021)
  4. Using PowerCLI to measure VM disk space usage (2015, updated 2018)
  5. Teams chat and calling features are no longer available (February 2021)

So a couple of new articles crept into the list but it looks like there’s still mileage in some of the older content.

New Content

I managed 40 new posts (plus a couple of updates to older posts) and a revamp of the site in 2021. Here’s a few of the highlights.


In-person events were still limited for 2021, but there were a couple of opportunities and plenty of online events.

Microsoft Azure


Have a great 2022!